Boar Cross’n Bar, formerly Ralph and Eddies opened its doors in 1958.  Up until 1981 the former location was right next door where Spin Records now presides.  For those of you that remember Ralph and Eddies, many always wonder who Eddie was.  Ralph Sr. had an old Marine buddy named Eddie; it was as simple as that.  Rumor has it that Eddie’s body was buried under Spin Records when he passed on.  In the early 90’s Ralph Jr. changed the name to what we know as Boar Cross’n.

An early visit to Boar Cross’n Bar (Ralph & Eddies) would not have been anything in the ordinary.  A drop off for abandoned, exotic animals made some unusual pets as well as drinking customers.  We’d like to take a moment and reminess on a few of these.  Nick and Myrna, a Spider and Reese monkey who would occasionally get out of their cage and steal our customer’s money.  Any drinks out on the bar were fair game which led to some familiar characteristics one might have from drinking at a local bar.   Another pet was a baboon that would break out of his cage, travel along the coast and break into one of our regular’s liquor cabinets.  They would find him drunk and passed out on the kitchen floor.  If that doesn’t bring humor to our past we also had a boa constrictor that was given to us from a customer who went by the name of Casanova.  He got out of his cage and went missing for a few years.  One of the nearby fields had caught on fire and low and behold our boa now 18 feet long was found and brought home again.  One last animal that made up our exotic collection or animal shelter as some customer have seen us as was a raccoon.  The former owner was unhappy with how mean he was getting so he graciously donated him to Boars.  He remained part of our family till he ate all of the coy fish that were in the pond.  Not long after and a few customer bites later, he was dropped off at local shelter.  No need to fear we no longer have the Carlsbad Zoo in our bar.

From 1958 to the early 90’s Boars had a card room were low ball was played.  Occasionally we still find old poker chips that say Ralph and Eddies in our inventory.  Fifty years, bootlegging and three generations later; Boar Cross’n is still opening its doors and packing its historical building every Thursday thru Saturday night.  You will still find some of the bartenders using original spittoons as tip jars from our colorful past.  Boar Cross’n has to offer:

8 HD Flat Screens with Satellite

1 HD Projector– showing all main sporting events

5 Pool Tables

3 Inside Bars

1 Patio Bar

Whether you are looking to catch up with a Carlsbad local, shoot a game of pool, or even watch a sporting event you will defiantly find a great environment to fit your need.   Listening to some of our local bands would include Scott Russo from Unwritten Law, Fenix TX, Buck O Nine, Nihlist, Killer Priest of Wutang, Eydea & Abilities, Glue…just to name a few.  We encourage you to come spend an evening with us and enjoy our hospitality.