1. Must I be 21 years old to come to Boar Cross’n?
Yes, Boar Cross’n is a 21 and up establishment. To spend your day or evening with us you must have proper identification. All I.D.’s must be valid; sorry expired I.D’s will not work.

2. What identification do you accept?
Photo U.S. Driver’s License
California Identification Cards
Typed Passports Only

3. Does Boar Cross’n Bar have a dress code?
Yes, on Friday and Saturday nights our dress code we enforce is as follows:
No Headbands, Bandanas, Head rags or Hats
No Sweatpants, Pajamas, Nylon, or Workout Pants
No Underwear Tank-Tops or Cut-off Sleeves
No Excessively Baggy Clothing
No Sports Jerseys

4. Does Boars Cross’n charge a cover charge?
On Friday and Saturday nights starting at 10p.m. Boars opens their doors for $5 a person (can vary on selected holidays). If you are joining us on our Thursday local band nights – ticket prices vary from $5and up. Please don’t hesitate to call us for ticket pricing.

5. Don’t like waiting in lines?
Boar Cross’n features a VIP bottle service experience which allows you access into our club.
With purchase of bottle service you will be comped our cover charge and seated

6. Can I smoke in the club?
No, but we have designated smoking areas outside to accommodate you.

7. Can I host a party at Boar Cross’n?
Defiantly, please see our Private Parties Page

8. We are a band and would like to book a show at your venue, who should we contact?